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Cold engines require a richer air to fuel mix and will fire only within a narrower range of air to fuel ratio. Cylinders / pistons also display a new "efficiency" value, based on the stoichiometric value and the RPM. Slightly lean fuel-air mix will produce higher fuel efficiency, while slightly rich will produce maximum power output.

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Jul 29, 2009 · A target is for 35% more fuel efficient jet engines by 2021. 2. LEAP-X: The first version of eCore runs in mid-year as part of CFM International’s (50/50 joint company of GE and Snecma) LEAP-X engine program, a new turbofan engine for future replacements for current narrow-body aircraft.

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Sep 21, 2020 · Still, based on Amazon Air’s estimated fuel consumption last year of 176 million gallons, the new fuel may shrink the hauler’s carbon footprint by only 0.7%, Cargo Facts calculates.

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Jul 07, 2009 · UPS aims to cut its aircraft fleet's emissions to 1.24 pounds of CO2 per available ton mile in 2020 from 2.13 pounds per ton mile in 1990. The company projects the emissions cuts in concert with a 38 percent fuel-efficiency gain over the same period.

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Aug 31, 2020 · The resulting fuel efficiency benefits are staggering. Otto Aviation claims that the Celera 500L’s range is 4,500 nautical miles. While most jets of a comparable size get a paltry two two-three ...

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This is attributed to the introduction of new, more fuel-efficient narrowbody and widebody aircraft such as Boeing’s 787 and 737 MAX and Airbus’s A350 and A320neo. Depending on the metric used, the average fuel burn reduction was 1.0 to 1.5 per cent per year since 2010.

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Jul 07, 2009 · UPS aims to cut its aircraft fleet's emissions to 1.24 pounds of CO2 per available ton mile in 2020 from 2.13 pounds per ton mile in 1990. The company projects the emissions cuts in concert with a 38 percent fuel-efficiency gain over the same period.

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significantly more fuel efficient than any other business jet in its class. It uses an average of 8,250 gallons fuel/year less than other aircraft in its category.1 1Calculations based on 275 flights per year with average mission of 600 nm ANNUAL = x 150 FUEL SAVINGS

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Dec 18, 2020 · Fuel Usage [edit | edit source] As detailed in the engine figures, the fuel usage is exponential and only depends on rps. Large engines are most efficient in terms of kw of power per litre of fuel at 7-8RPS, medium at 6-7RPS and the small engine is most efficient at around 10RPS. The maximum efficiency is the same for all engines.

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Sep 16, 2020 · The aircraft has a fuel economy of 18 to 25 miles per gallon while having an impressive cruise speed of 450 miles per hour and a range of 4,500 miles. Its design features laminar flow over the fuselage, wings and tail surfaces to reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency.

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Apr 29, 2016 · This ratio is a key determinant of jet engine fuel efficiency, along with noise and emissions reductions. Supersonic jets, however, need to use relatively low bypass engines.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner – The Boeing 787 is 20% more fuel-efficient by design than the Boeing 767. Other aircraft that are pretty fuel efficient (when fuel consumption per seat and per 100 kilometers flown are measured) include the Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-900ER, and Boeing 767-400ER .
Efficiency. Lighter on the wallet. The SJ30 is certified by the FAA for single pilot operation and is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other high performance jets, providing you with greater distance per gallon and fewer aircraft cycles.
May 05, 2015 · Because the fuel flow rate for the core is changed only a small amount by the addition of the fan, a turbofan generates more thrust for nearly the same amount of fuel used by the core. This means that a turbofan is very fuel efficient. In fact, high bypass ratio turbofans are nearly as fuel efficient as turboprops. Because the fan is enclosed ...
Jul 11, 2016 · NASA's X-57 electric aircraft will have 14 motors instead of two gas-fuelled engines. ... to get the best fuel efficiency an airplane has to fly slower than it is able," said NASA in a statement ...

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The invention is an energy recovery system (20) which uses excess air emanating from an aircraft cabin (16) to drive a turbo-compressor unit (30). The outlet air from the compressor (26) of turbo-compressor unit (30) is optionally fed, either around or through heat exchanger (24), back into the aircraft cabin (16) inlet line, reducing the amount of bleed air required to power the aircraft ECS.
Nov 20, 2017 · The US Air Force Has Taken Another Step Toward Re-Engining its B-52s The service wants to modify each of the 76 bombers and possibly buy more 600 new engines as part of a multi-part deal.